Spring Racing Style Tips with Cambridge & Gibson

We caught up with Cambridge Clothing’s General Manager, Matthew Start, to get the inside scoop on the biggest trends for this racing season.

Cambridge and Gibson are our Official Menswear Event Partners for Styles on the Straight 2018.

What are the biggest trends this season?

Soft tailored jackets worn with either smart dress pants or a crisp pair of chinos, a printed shirt (think florals or geometric patterns) and a pocket square in a contrasting print with coordinating colours.

What colours are on trend this season?

Red jackets, pink shirts, white or bone coloured chinos.

How would you accessorise your Racing look?

A pocket square, confidence and a smile.

What is your styling advice for our race goer?

Make an effort. You are going to a special event, don’t just wear your work suit with ‘that tie I wear to the races’. If you must wear your work suit then get it pressed so there are no creases behind your knees and on the back of the jacket. If you do nothing else, get a new shirt that’s not a ‘work shirt’. Don’t wear a suit jacket as a jacket – it’s too structured in the shoulders and you won’t look relaxed.

How do you choose the perfect pair of shoes to match your outfit?

It doesn’t matter as long as they polished/clean. If you are going to wear a trainer then it needs to be leather and plain. Otherwise black shoes with black suits, brown with everything else or it looks too corporate.

What would you love to see on the runway at the Styles on the Straight Event?

Some personality. Wear it like you own it and you can pull of anything.

What is the inspiration behind your collection?

Cambridge has always been about dressing men in confidence. This season we are offering wool/linen blend suits which is a lighter summer fabric but has good structure. Shirts are brighter. Gibson offers bolder colours and a slimmer look.

What celebrities have the best style to you?

Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake always look effortlessly cool in the same way Paul Newman or Steve McQueen always did. They are style icons but their style is eminently copiable by anyone. They wear suits like they enjoy them and casual wear that never looks too casual.

Check out the range at Cambridge and Gibson and take advantage of the exclusive offers.

For more information, and to register for the 2018 Styles on the Straight please click here.