How to look like a celeb at this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival

Keep it classy

Take notes from previous year’s ‘Fashions on the Field’ winners, as well as the ever beautiful people that fill the birdcage. For the dress, ditch the short, tight, little number you might save for a night club, and opt for elegant and classy. A mid-length dress that falls below the knee is a safe option, and right on trend this season.

All about the headwear

No race day look is complete without headwear. Follow the popular designers and milliners such as Natalie Bikicki, Viktoria Novak and Nerida Winter for ideas. This year the boater hat and delicate metal and leather look crowns are continuing to trend. Remember, you can always go bold with a statement headpiece or hat, especially if you’re opting for a simple dress.

Less is more

Keep it simple, your biggest accessory should be your headpiece. Ditch the costume jewelry, and keep the focus on your race wear. Always include a clutch that matches your outfit (even if you also bring a larger handbag with all your race day essentials).  If you’ve got a heavily patterned or textured dress, go for a simple head piece. Remember, this is a day time event, so opt for a natural makeup and tan look, with a simple hairstyle.

‘Keep your head, heels and standards high’

Heels are a must if you are going for a celeb level look – just make sure you break them in before the day! It is a long day, so make sure you pack some band aids, or better yet a cute pair of flats or sandals for later in the day. Make sure you leave enough time to get ready on the day, so that you’re looking and feeling confident, ready for a fun day!

Sophisticated and Suave

For the men, remember 2 key things – tailored and polished. It’s important to have a tailored suit, paired with polished leather shoes. A grey or navy suit is a safe option, but if you’re feeling adventurous, tailored chinos with a colored blazer is right on trend. Add a hat, and the race day flower to your buttonhole, and your celeb-like look is complete.

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